Core++ to our investing strategy is Digital

We believe the global economy is being recast to be tech enabled and connectivity is the fourth utility. A comprehensive business model in any sector should incorporate a connectivity and technology strategy to be sustainable.

A Dynamic Network

Our wireless & connectivity strategy leverages our property rights, embedded customer base, data demand and improves our overall product quality by providing connectivity for energy monitoring and public safety. Additionally, through the deployment of Woonsocket Internet we are working to bring connectivity to school aged children at no cost through the remote learning cycle sparked by COVID-19.

A Simple Installation

(1) Access Point

  • We install an access point to our gigabit network

(2) Digital Gateway Hub

  • Hub enables multi-device connections: Home Wi-Fi, Camera, Lighting, Solar and other devices

(3) Plug and Play Connectivity

  • Power over ethernet simplifies connections and expands service offerings and customer set