Real Estate

Core to our investing strategy is Real Estate

Before considering an opportunity, we consider the ability to achieve sufficient scale in a market.

We target acquiring distributed multifamily and commercial real estate, with a path to achieve 300+ unit holdings over a period of five years.   Mining the seam between institutional capital and federally managed financing programs, we seek out geographies and transactions below the radar of large institutional capital groups and too large or complex to compete directly with owner occupants.

We target assets requiring growth capex and development with opportunities to generate accretive returns on invested capital.

Our Core Process

Example Unit Before:
Dark & Dated

Bathroom Renovation
In Process

Supply Run 200+ Gallons of Paint

Example Unit Before:
Cleanup In Process

Floor Refinishing

Preventative Maintenance & Water prooffing

Post Property Improvement

Bright & Clean

Property Improvement Program

  • Acquire cashflow generating real estate with benefit of low revenue concentration on a per unit basis
  • As rentals turn over, invest growth capex to improve the individual units and property locations
  • On average 8-12 gallons of paint are required per unit
  • Wood floors are revitalized and resurfaced, removing paint, carpeting and other materials
  • Bathrooms are cleaned-up and refreshed
  • Sticky tile floors are replaced with tiled & grouted flooring

Customer/Tenant Program

  • Offer a premium price point relative to local market
  • Downside protection through tenant paid utility & heating costs
  • Downside protection through selective integration of federal programs