A Real Assets Company

Our History

Technology Enabled Real Assets

JBRI Holdings is a family owned investment organization and our founders, Corey Johnson, Darryl Johnson, Gabrielle Johnson and Garrick Johnson have worked together for 15+ years.

JBRI and its predecessor entities were formed in 2017 to bring new thinking and a distinct approach to real asset investing. Our integrated Core++ investment and operating model focuses on Core Real Estate, Core+ Clean Energy and Core++ Digital in the Northeast United States.

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Key Facts


Year Founded

$50 Million+

Transactions Completed

$18 million

Invested Capital

3 Real Estate Asset Portfolios

1 Megawatt of Solar In Development
1 Wireless Network Deployment


JBRI’s team of experienced investors and operators build motivated management teams to work through the challenges of a fast-moving and uncertain environment. Our insight is backed by decades of real asset, private equity and technology experience, which we supplement by leveraging our extensive network. We have lived through numerous real asset and technology disruptions and transformations.


We believe that integration of technology enablement and energy innovation with a real asset investment platform requires distinct strategies, expertise and incentives that require hard work to achieve. We specialize in implementing the changes required to improved long term performance.

Corporate Citizenship

JBRI believes that integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our business considerations and activities enhances our ability to successfully execute our mission. We are committed to bringing these considerations into our organization and we have integrated them into our Core++ strategy.